Honey3 is out!

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Honey3 is out!

Post by fabio.migliorati » Mon Jun 17, 2019 3:42 pm

Product: Honey3
Developer: Acustica Audio
Price (MSRP): EARLY ACCESS PRICING- 89.00€ (REG. 169.00€) Save 47%OFF For the first four weeks after release or until first official version is released.
Plug-in Format(s): VST, AU, AAX
System Requirements (Windows): Windows 7 - Windows 10
System Requirements (OSX): OSX 10.8 - OSX 10.13
Honey3 Commercial web-page: http://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/honey
Honey3 User's manual: https://app.box.com/s/jg7jxfbbjvyag7vk32z6fqeip8i122cj


Honey3 packs all the power and musicality of a world-class American console, highly regarded by many industry professionals for its musicality and logical layout.
Since 1975, numerous top-selling records have been crafted on this marvellous piece of audio engineering.
We managed to find one of these consoles in stunning condition so we called up our collaborator SoundDrops to meticulously sample the console in its entirety, replicating its full sonic DNA inside our plugin suite, which you can now use to sweet up your tracks.
The original console design doesn't feature a compressor though. And we REALLY wanted to include one. So we built it. We built a superb-sounding VCA unit and transformed into an home-brew processor, whose character is a natural extension of the original designs.
Honey3 includes 4 separate plugins. A home-brew version of a famous EQ (CLASSIC), a faithful VINTAGE version of the same unit, the above-mentioned VCA compressor, and a channel strip that includes select modules, wisely chosen by the Acustica team. Let's take a closer look at what's inside the suite.


-Honey3 Vintage EQ (A 4-Band standalone Equalizer with high and low cut filters derived from a 70s American series console).
-Honey3 Classic EQ (A 4-Band standalone Classic Equalizer with high and low cut filters inspired by a broadcast console built by the same renowned American manufacturer).
-Honey3 Comp (A versatile VCA-based channel compressor based on a feed-forward topology).
-Honey3 Channel-strip (A Channel strip that includes some of the previously cited standalone plugins).

Each plug-in included in the Honey3 suite comes in a “Standard” version and an alternative “ZL*” version which operates at *zero latency and is thus suitable for use when tracking, at the cost of extra processing resources.


Honey3 Classic EQ


This is our Home-brew™ version of a celebrated American EQ that appeared on the market in 1975.
Starting with the actual hardware construction, we then proceeded with its meticulous sampling, ensuring great quality throughout the process. The result is a machine with a very sweet top end, ideal for bringing every element of a mix into focus. Plus, we encourage you to indulge in the sweetness of its preamp stage, which is essential to the authenticity and global tone of this equaliser.

Honey3 Vintage EQ


For this one we sampled an original US console using a new approach that utilises a very accurate machine-based procedure, for even more accuracy. Honey3 Vintage EQ is the closest digital version of this EQ in the software plugin market, with its character-rich soul, delicious filters and a wide, smooth response.

Honey3 Comp


Our Honey3 comp is an intuitive and versatile processor mainly characterised by gentle compression, precision, punch and clarity. This VCA design offers faster envelope times compared to any other compressor of this kind so it's the perfect choice for your mix bus to add depth, and glue to your song. Plus, it is based on a "Feed-Forward" type of compression which has more in common with recent dynamic designs, letting it 'grab harder', and giving you a feeling of instant satisfaction. Give it a spin.

HONEY3 is based on our Core 13 engine:

-NEW: Our new Core 13 engine improves on the previous version by introducing our new VLA™ technology (Vector Loading Acceleration), which makes the response of the plugin much faster.
-Upgraded SASM (Symmetric & Asymmetric Saturation Modeling) high-performance saturation algorithm;
-Introduction of a new post-production sample de-noising tech for cleaner deconvolved impulses called STT (Super transient technology);
-Full compatibility with Client/Server architecture integrated by default in Acqua plugins;
-Engine optimization introducing a new highly efficient algorithm. This innovative technique is applied to all the deconvolved impulses for further de-noise processing and subsequent elimination of any incorrect low-level behavior (including the so-called "echo bug").


How to try a plugin: TRIAL MODE

- Create a user account (if you do not have one yet) on our website
- Download and Install Aquarius, our products manager, for either Mac or PC
- Log in to Aquarius using your user email and password
- Type the product name in the 'search' field inside Aquarius to find the '(trial)' version of the product, then click on the thumbnail or on the 'Install' button. This will take you to the product page (the trial version of a product is also visible in the 'related products' section on the right)
- Select the right plugin format according to the DAW you are using and click 'Install'
- Aquarius will download, install,and authorise the trial product automatically
- Run your DAW. You're set!

Please note:

- The old trial authorisation method - which required the 'LASTTRIALS' code - is now obsolete and each trial version of a product can be easily downloaded/installed directly from Aquarius, for a more streamlined process
- Should you see an authorisation error, the reason could be that the product has been already authorised too many times and the limit has been reached

For details about installation/authorization please refer to the following page: Acustica Audio - Professional Audio Software - Acustica Audio

Honey 3 is characterized by a new feature: the automation buttons. If you encounter any issues, please open a ticket to our technical support. More information soon.

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Re: Honey3 is out!

Post by phopho » Mon Jun 17, 2019 9:58 pm

WOW !! Honey is a "classic sound EQ" plugin!!!...To have it in a channel strip configuration is a very needed evolution !!!
Big thank to Acustica Audio Team !

All the best

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Re: Honey3 is out!

Post by jockypooh123 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 11:31 pm

bought this after trialling it for 5 mins , so good

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Re: Honey3 is out!

Post by kenbobplus3db » Mon Oct 21, 2019 6:42 pm

Input meters on the Honey3 channel strip do not seem to reflect input trim. On all the other Acqua strips, input metering is post input trim which is more useful because it allows me to set the level that I use to drive the preamp modeling.

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Re: Honey3 is out!

Post by Support » Wed Oct 23, 2019 11:46 am

Input meters on the Honey3 channel strip do not seem to reflect input trim
And should do it? So, you are stating that a standard meter should measure the harmonics generated by our linear distortion simulation? Can you explain in detail how?
Best regards,
Acustica Audio help-desk service and support.
Acustica Audio is a trademark of Acusticaudio SRL.

To contact Acustica Audio support go to the ‘Support’ in your Acustica Audio account.
We do not provide support via social networks, public forums, Acustica Audio forums, or email accounts.

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Re: Honey3 is out!

Post by kenbobplus3db » Wed Oct 23, 2019 6:48 pm

Well I think Navy 2 works like most of your other plugins, but Honey 3 does not seem to reflect signal level post input trim. I don't think the metering at input needs to reflect harmonic distortion, it just needs to reflect the signal level presented to the algorithm.

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Re: Honey3 is out!

Post by enriquesilveti » Fri Oct 25, 2019 2:48 pm

In this case, you can not check the input trim pre-compensation level, however you can check the output versus input level and use your ears for trim input level.
Enrique Silveti.
Acustica Audio customer and technical support.

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