Opal is out!

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Opal is out!

Post by fabio.migliorati » Mon Dec 14, 2020 4:21 pm

Products: Opal
Developer: Acustica Audio
Opal - Price (MSRP): Introductory pricing - €89 [Reg. €119.00€] - Save 25%
Plug-in Format(s): VST, AU, AAX
System Requirements (Windows): Windows 10
System Requirements (OSX): OSX 10.14
Opal web-page: https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/opal
Opal User's manual: https://app.box.com/shared/static/3yold ... 7kgqh5.pdf


Opal. The acclaimed Hi-Def 55 Limited Edition equalizer in plugin form

Opal fully recreates the exquisite Oram Sonics Hi-Def 55 EQ. Faithfully sampled to replicate what is possibly the most advanced system designed by John Oram, Opal incorporates all the magic that Oram Sonics has provided over the years, giving you more flexibility than ever before at the mastering stage as well as during mixing.

English charm. Refined sound.

The Hi-Def 55 is made in England and built to extremely high standards. It is characterized by an extremely musical sound, made possible by an intelligently thought-out set of features which include eight bands of overlapping adjustment per channel, unique combining of shelf and bell curves, a ‘detail’ function, and more.

The Opal collection includes two plugins. One is the standard version of the Hi-Def 55, as originally designed by John Oram. The second one provides extended functionality by adding a Preamp input trim, Mid/Side, Pan, and Spread controls, as well as independent channel output control.

Standard Version

Extended Version

About John Oram.

John Oram is a legendary name in the electronic musical industry, whose designs have been nominated for 23 Technical Excellence & Creativity awards, winning some along the way, and whose creative talent as a musician, producer, touring drummer, mixing and technical engineer brought him to work with some of the most important bands and manufacturers from the early ‘60s onward, including the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Vox and T*****t Audio.
As part of the Vox team he was the designer of the Wah-Wah, The Fuzz Box and Continental Organ, leading to the circuitry design for VOX AC50 and Super Beatle amplifiers.
John Oram joined T*****t Audio Developments in 1972, where he worked as designer for 14 years and created some of the industry’s most famous classic desks such as the T*****t Series 80/80B/80C consoles.
Under his brands, Oram Professional Audio and Oram Consultancy, he was responsible for world-class film rooms and equipment for many Oscar-winning productions such as Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, King Kong, The Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Pearl Harbor, Titanic, and more.
In 2008 John was nominated for a Technical Grammy Award.
Al Schmitt, legendary recording producer and engineer has this to say: "John is one of the best design engineers in the business. A big part of my sound on records I attribute to John”.



To get the most out of your new plugins, make sure you read this user manual carefully and you will be well on your way to unleashing the full creative potential of these powerful processors.

How to try a plugin: TRIAL MODE

- Create a user account (if you do not have one yet) on our website
- Download and Install Aquarius, our products manager, for either Mac or PC
- Log in to Aquarius using your user email and password
- Type the product name in the 'search' field inside Aquarius to find the '(trial)' version of the product, then click on the thumbnail or on the 'Install' button. This will take you to the product page (the trial version of a product is also visible in the 'related products' section on the right)
- Select the right plugin format according to the DAW you are using and click 'Install'
- Aquarius will download, install,and authorise the trial product automatically
- Run your DAW. You're set!

Please note:

- For details about installation/authorization please refer to the following page: Acustica Audio - Professional Audio Software - Acustica Audio
- Available sample rates: 44.1kHz | 48kHz | 88.2kHz | 96kHz
- Core 16

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