January Tip #1 - (Re)creating setups from scratch

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January Tip #1 - (Re)creating setups from scratch

Post by zabukowski » Fri Jan 09, 2015 1:59 pm

Nebula Setups January Tip #1

You already know that updating your existing setups with a new Nebula version is a very simple task thanks to Setups Manager.

But you may not know, that you can easily recreate your setups from scratch (let's say on new computer, which has only Nebula installed).

What you have to do is:

- install Nebula Setups on the NEW computer

- copy contents from Nebula Setups common folder (see user guide for exact location) on the OLD computer to the common folder on the NEW computer

- define proper settings on the NEW computer

- use Setups Manager on NEW computer to recreate your setups

Voila :)


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