Time Variant Sessions Questions TREMOLO

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Time Variant Sessions Questions TREMOLO

Post by wagz » Thu Sep 24, 2020 5:57 am

Hi. I'm using NAT3 version 1.3.505B, trying to create a new library.

Using the various sessions run both online and offline to sample hardware or software tremolos, I've been unable to generate tremolo programs that:

A. Are in sync with the LFO rate of the unit being sampled.

(The tremolo programs I create end up being either too fast, too slow, or asymmetrical-sounding. I want to get as close as possible to a 1:1 copy of the tremolo being sampled. I'm trying to capture both the LFO's Rate and it's shape.)

B. Follow the tempo of the host. I would actually be okay with the vintage hardware not syncing up to the DAW hosting N4. But, even the programs produced by offline sampling software tremolos that were BPM-synced with the host...do not sync.

Primary Questions:

[*]How do I need to set NAT3 so that the program it produces will preserve both the LFO rate and the LFO shape of the unit being sampled?

[*]How do I need to set things so that either NAT3 or N4 will tempo-sync the programs I create with NAT3?

[*]Is it possible to have multi time-variant sessions?

(I'm basically wondering if it would be possible to have templates with switches that toggle note divisions. One of the pedals I'm sampling has a switch that doubles the LFO rate. Just being able to have a switch like that would be cool!)

Extra question:

[*]I'm curious. On the 'Offline Sampling' page, what do the 'Sync' and 'Fmod' buttons control?

I've tried the following 'Offline' 'Time Variants' sessions (to no avail):

[*]Long TMV (software flanger or chorus) - OFFLINE
[*]Long TMV (software flanger) - OFFLINE
[*]Short TMV (software generic faster) - OFFLINE


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