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Help Getting Started

Post by cameronhensley » Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:03 pm


Cool products. I've been watching some YouTube vids featuring Acoustica Audio stuff and I'm intrigued. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the online info on Voltaire Kernels and non-linear this-and-that.

I'd like to ask the forum some questions just to get me started:
1) What DAWs are supported?
2) What sample rates are supported?
3) What do I need to purchase first - before I begin adding libraries?
4) What is the difference between Nebula and Acqua?
5) System reqs mention 32 GB - 128GB RAM. This seems like a tremendous amount. How is the performance of various plugins at 32GB?

I also have some high level questions on the support of CUDA - very cool btw.
1) Is this for Nebula 3 only (as in, not Nebula 4)?
2) If N4 is supported on CUDA, is it possible to use two NVIDIA (CUDA compatible) GPU's simultaneously - one for graphics and the other solely for processing the plug-ins?

I'm not looking for a complete education, mind you. Only trying to get started so I can begin my own self-study. Thank you in advance :-)

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