Changing XML file for high quality sound and rendering?

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Re: Changing XML file for high quality sound and rendering?

Post by fradoca » Fri Sep 06, 2013 3:24 pm

yeah it seems that keeping attack at around 7 ms and relaese at 1 ms gives you some better results.
I keep the program rate at 40 ms in the mast page and rate s on in the glob page.I do all of my mastering at 96 khz.Should i increase the program rate with high sample rates? I can hear a difference on low frequency articulation when rate is on or off.With rates on the sound is slightly better.

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Re: Changing XML file for high quality sound and rendering?

Post by brp » Fri Sep 06, 2013 11:43 pm

yayh, i love gmc for mastering as well. but i haven't tried tweaking it yet, so i can't give you approved advice on this. but cupwise gave you quite good advice in my eyes. my advice would just be turning everything to timed, kernel size to the max, as you allready have. then take the shortest prograte you can get and depending on how short this is, it's better to turn off smooth or turn it on. i'd say if it's shorter than 7ms definitely try to turn it off. for longer interwalls, as you allready found out, smooth can improve things. evf i'd turn to evf17. peak sometimes can fool you to think it sounds better, because it tend to choose a louder kernel than it actually should. this wouldn't be bad allone, but the bad thing is, it would not choose a louder kernel while quite passages, meaning the kernel selection becomes kind of unpredictable and it would not sound as good as just driven hotter with evf17.

an other trick i found out for alexb mwd, is to reconfigure it as feedback compressor. i just tried it with this by now, but others will follow. at least in this case the sound become much much more 3d!! but you'll need to search the sweetspot with the feedback delay.

as preamps are quite similar to comps, i see the chance to get a similar effect there. i'll try this as soon as i get some time. but logic tells me that i should be pessimistic about this, because it's most likely only the delayed gainreduction which is responsible for that effect.

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