The NAT tip of the month (#23 - July 2012)

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The NAT tip of the month (#23 - July 2012)

Post by enriquesilveti » Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:53 am

Sampling compressor I

Nebula3 PRO and Server include NAT3 Sampler this version allow users to sample compressors.

Load in NAT3 the COMPRESSOR (1 KERNEL) - SMOOTH2 - TEST.N2X session from your NAT sessions folder. As you can see in multi you will have 3 parameter to sample. Fist parameter is ratio, the second is attack and the last is release. Clicking the each parameter you will see the steps for each one in the bottom. You also will see a Status windows that will show the attack and release values in order to check that the values sampled and the gear values correspond to the same value.
In compression sampling NAT will run three session in one: ratio sampling called AU and means audio, attack sampling called EA and means envelope attack, and release sampling called ER and means envelope release. The reason of that is that NAT use different test ones for each type of parameter.
Go to Sampler > Expert > Envelopes > General and you will see the main values for the attack and release test tones. For audio (AU) test tone parameter you should go to Sampler > Expert > Tone > Dynamic as usual.
If you go to Sampler > Sampler below the file name box will will see the total time of sampling adding AU, EA and ER test tones length.
If you go to Sampler > Offline and click on Generate NAT will create the test files in the path that you might select in file name. If you do it you will able to load the test file in your sequencer.
Before start to sample you should find the value where the compressor stop to compress the signal and leave only one test tone without compression. There is important to setup the correct amount of number and steps for the AU test tone and in addition setup a attack and release values to not warp to much the signal in the space times between each test tone.
You can use cut parameter for don't excite to much the compressor with ultra low frequencies. Also you can setup a second top level step by clicking in the second number box.
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