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Nebula Setups troubleshooter

Post by zabukowski » Mon Oct 05, 2015 4:17 pm

Issue #1 - Nebula Setups crashing at startup after Nebula upgrade

Most likely, the reason for this is outdated ACQUA programming library, which is needed by Nebula Setups to access Nebula repository. For example, after you've upgraded to the Nebula version 1.4.009, you should update this programming library as well. At the moment, its latest version is 1.4.006.

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Issue #2 - Protection issues (Windows)

If you are experiencing problems when saving setup ("can not create file" message) and you are 100% sure, that program settings are correct, try to run the program as administrator - right click on the program's shortcut, then select ”Run as administrator”. The same solution applies, when program doesn't remember its settings.

Issue #3 - Missing IPPS libraries (Windows, Mac OS X)

Both applications use ACQUA library version 1.3.710 or greater, which requires IPP libraries V8 (Intel Integrated Performance Primitives). These libraries are always installed with Nebula 1.3.710 or greater. On the other hand, if you use older Nebula prior to version 1.3.600 (not recommended), you have only IPP libraries V7 installed. Applications will not run, instead you will get an error message regarding missing IPP libraries. Windows users can easily identify this kind of problem, because program shows an error message about the missing library. OSX users should look into details of the problem report dialog.

Issue #4 - Some of the Setups/plug-ins not visible in Cubase/Nuendo (Windows, Mac OS X)

The problem is Cubendo's unusual interpretation of plug-in names. Be sure, that setup names differ at least in the 9th character.

Non working example:
EQ – Setup 001.dll
EQ – Setup 002.dll

Working example:
EQ – 0001 Setup.dll
EQ – 0002 Setup.dll

Wavelab & Reaper for example, don’t suffer from this problem. If you find a VST host, which has problems recognizing setups/plugins, please let me know.

Issue #5 - AU / AAX setups not recognized by hosts

Make sure every setup has unique MAGIC string defined as local tweak. If not, your setup will almost certainly not be properly detected by the host. Select Add Nebula parameter option in Nebula parameter tweaks window and add MAGIC – VST/AU/AAX plugin ID parameter.

• MAGIC value must be exactly 4 bytes long
• it can consist of any combination of letters and digits
• it is case sensitive

There is no automatic tracking of these values at the moment, so you'll have to keep track of this yourself for now. Note, that this magic number will be used for the VST version(s) of the setup as well. If MAGIC is not specified with AU setup, program will inform you about it when saving a setup.

Issue #6 - Auto-load function not working properly

If you are using auto-load function (default program) in your setup plugin, you may found out, that when plugin is loaded in your DAW, a blinking arrow appears (near the source and target sample rates information on the plugin's display). This means that program didn't load properly – there is no solution for this at the moment and you must reload program manually. Note, that this doesn't happen when using 44.1 kHz sample rate.