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Post by RJHollins » Tue Mar 24, 2015 6:22 am

Right now the NVC-A5M is hard set as a single, complete equalizer. The base design was before I looked into the RAK concept.

The appeal of the RAK design is the flexibility that it can offer. There are many times I need 2 [or more] freqs, but they are within the same preset ... and I'll not know until I get into the project. So the efficiency of the RAK is obvious.

The issue with the RAK :o figuring out how MANY modules to max it out :shock: The standard VST spec defines the GUI size from the start. Certain libraries, like the MasterngSuite contain so many pieces, and I wanted to be able to include them all as one layout preset. Same for the AITB M/P. Whether this would be overkill for other units ... don't know.

These controllers are primarily personal tools that I want for my workflow with Nebula. I'm always open to new ideas, suggestions, improvements, of course ... but it's not till I work with it over time do I find I need to make changes, or re-vamp and start new.

The other issue ... TIME :roll:

Another factor, which cools 'many-a-jet' ... these are 32-bit plugs. I cannot do 64-bit without switching to a completely different programming format ... and then TIME to learn it ... or even try to get good at it :lol:

With that, I use Plogue BIDULE or even METAPlugin to handle the Nebula chain. BIDULE is the main chainer. Some customers have it all working on 64-bit systems, but because I cannot test on that, I'd prefer not to get involved selling it. I post demos of a few controllers, but I can't get to refunds or support on systems I can't test on ... just do not have the time, and I don't want/need any bad feelings. This is not what these tools were primarily designed for. I can only be certain that they work on my system ... and I use them all the time.

But hey, if any ideas, suggestions ... I'll look to see what I can do. I can give no timeframe. But I do stay mindful for sure.

In retrospect, I maybe should have posted this shortened version on the AlexB 'American' thread, because the first MAIN intent was to express how great this series is.

Ah ... time to get back. Thanks for checking the thread ... good to hear from other Nebulites !

Thank-you 8-)
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