Coral Reef not loading

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Coral Reef not loading

Post by DarkandKurious » Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:33 pm

If anyone has some insight into what is going on with the Coral/Coral Reef installation, please chime in.

I had everything working and had previously done all the upgrades in place, over the top of the old ones. I noticed there was a new AAX installer, with the 1.4.155 engine, and I thought it might have benefits from the optimisations in recent times.

- I decided to delete the whole series of Coral and Reef from my plugin folder and reinstall the new version.
- I installed Coral Strip AAX release G, followed by Upgrade Reef AAX release D
- Coral Strip works on 44.1, 48 and 88.2 sessions. I don't use 96, so I haven't tested that.
- Reef Compressor works on 44.1, 48 and 88.2
- Reef EQ, EF and PRE only work on 44.1
- In a 48 or 88.2 session, Reef EQ will act like it has no authorisation, but doesn't say to authorise.
- In a 48 or 82.2 session, Reef EF and Reef PRE will show it needs authorising, even if it works in 44.1

- I grabbed the 48 and 88.2 vectors (Reef release A I guess) from my timemachine backup and placed them in the vector folder, and it all works again.

I will write a ticket tomorrow, but just wondering if any of the beta testers/upstanding community members have an insight because I am now curious. Coral Strip works without the 48/88.2 vectors - my understanding is that the new developments mean the 48 and 88 vectors are generated from the 96 ones, but the Reef installers don't do the same. Is this an XML editing thing, or is the Reef Release A meant to be installed before the Upgrade to Reef D?

It is also interesting to notice that the plugin thinks it is not authorised if it doesn't have the necessary vectors - I wonder if a lot of the authorisation dramas are related to people installing in different paths.
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