Plugin Bugfixes and Aquarius Migration

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Plugin Bugfixes and Aquarius Migration

Post by kenbobplus3db » Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:34 pm

Hey all:

A couple products had some regressions show up after migrating to Aquarius. I'm thinking mainly of the "Flat" skin on the EQ section of the Lime Channel strip and the side-chain filter problem in Aquamarine. Is there any intention to go back and fix those? It seems like there's a lot of attention being paid to new releases, but we also need the old stuff maintained as well.

Now that you've got Crimson and Ruby launched and the new website migration is largely in place, I hope your workload is easing up and that you'll have time to address some of these dropped threads.

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Re: Plugin Bugfixes and Aquarius Migration

Post by giancarlo » Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:10 am

flat skin: it is a file which should be added or removed, ask to support. Aquarius can support just a single skin version, so here we have a single choice.
My suggestion: ask them to provide instructions and/or the missing skin file directly in plugin overview/files.
Sidechain in aquamarine was NEVER working on all daws; possibly something could change but it sill will not work on all daws. Which daw is working and which one not could change from release to release. It was reported and we cannot fix it just changing the engine version. Aquamarine will be updated but I don't know when.

There is a lot of attention paid on new releases OR UPDATES. For example actually we are working on pink2, so there is a lot of attention on pink. Which is maintained, indeed. Pink was way older then aquamarine, it deserves an update now.

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