First try @ mastering with Acustica Magenta... (TECHNOmusic)

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First try @ mastering with Acustica Magenta... (TECHNOmusic)

Post by Yannmagenta » Thu Nov 29, 2018 2:47 pm

Hi I'm new here not a mixing or mastering engineer...
But i've been making music for over 15years now, mainly electronic music in the Technogenre. Kind of like the club music.

I've been testing all types of techniques over the years to have my own sound.
But I do everything myself. I make the music record it and mix it and now I also try to master it.

I do this as a hobby since it's very difficult to earn money with it. So I'm not really planning to spend 2 much money on music making anymore since all of it went into gear over the years u know synths drum computers etc...

I always was intrigued by the M****y stuff heard it once IRL and was impressed, so I got the magenta

And tried to Master one of my tracks... Here's the result any advice or criticizing is welcome always ready to learn more.
Lemme know what u think ... -2/s-LUBH9
Techno enthousiast, always been interested in mixing and mastering...
Trying to learn as much as i can.

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