Victim Of Illusion - new EP (with a lot of Nebula stuff!!!)

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Re: Victim Of Illusion - new EP (with a lot of Nebula stuff!!!)

Post by Vernon » Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:34 pm

Thanks Enrique, here I am!
I've just translated notes from another italian forum and added specific "Nebula like" informations. AcusticaAudio forum gave me a lot and I hope with these notes to give something back ;-)


Songs were created through improvisation in my home studio, everything was born from experimentation with my Hamer (customized with a MIDI pickup and connected to an Axon AX100MKII). With this configuration I was able to mix (in live mode) "real" guitar sounds with a wide variety of synth sounds and, of course, sampled sounds (strings, wind, ...).
In a second step, Paolo, Luca and Diego added vocal, bass and drum lines.

1 - El. Guitar
I used 2 Hamer and a Fender Strat. The signal was splitted in order to record in bi-amplification mode.
The two chains:
- a guitar rack with: ENGL 580 (preamp), Eventide Eclipse (multifx), Masotti MXM (line mixer), AdvanceTubeTech THE1492 (amp), Marshall 1922 (2x12 cabinet with V30 speakers)
- Line6 Spider Valve (combo 1x12)
The mic chains:
- Marshall 1922 -> Sennheiser MD421 (left); Rode NT6 (right) -> MOTU 828 MK3
- Line6 Spider Valve -> Shure SM57 -> Presonus DigiMax D8 -> MOTU 828 MK3
- Line6 Spider Valve (rear Direct Output) -> Presonus DigiMax D8 -> MOTU 828 MK3

So, for each guitar line, 4 tracks was recorded.

2 - Ac. Guitar
Guitar: Takamine Santa Fè
Mics: Sennheiser MD421 (near sound hole); Rode NT6 (near 12th fret); Radial Engineering J48 DI -> directly in MOTU soundcard

3 - Vocals
Recorded with Sennheiser MD421 and Rode NT6 "tied together", directly in MOTU soundcard (is or is not "home recording"???? ;-)

4 - Bass
Musicman Sterling 4 strings and MusicMan Stringray 5 strings, recorded through a Radial Engineering J48 DI -> directly in MOTU soundcard

5 - Drums
A very old and custom drum, recorded with a set of standard D*x mics, through the Presonus DigiMax D8 -> directly in MOTU soundcard

6 - All other instruments
As above written, all other instruments (strings, pads, ...) was recorded with the MIDI pickup and edited in the MIDI editor.

Apart from the "normal" editing on all instruments, a lot of work was made on drums. Because of the poor recorded drum sounds, I had to replace/integrate using Slate Digital Drum Trigger/Replacer.
After editing, all waves passed through the Alexb CLC console in offline mode, taking care of gain staging with the PSP VintageMeter plugin.

Apart the reverb stage (TC Electronics Reverb 4000 for vocals and Eventide Eclipse for the rest - digitally connected with the MOTU soundcard), the mix was ITB. I mixed with Reaper 64 bit on 3 pc's (a master and two slaves) using Reamote utility (in order to manage the large number of tracks - from 80 to 120 more or less).
The mix:
- Alexb Black Master EQ on all instruments (mainly HP filtering and HI shelving)
- Guitars: Alexb Black Master EQ, Stripe 76 compressor, R2R
- Drums (kick, snare, toms): Alexb Black Master EQ, Stripe 76 compressor, R2R
- Drums (hats, cymbals): Alexb Black Master EQ, R2R
- Drums (buss): Alexb 4KD
- Bass: the bass (DI) track was tripled:
-- track1: Alexb PCS, Ikmultimedia Ampeg SVX, Redwirez bass cab emulator
-- track2: Alexb PCS, reamping through ENGL 580, Redwirez MESA cab emulator
-- track3: as is
The 3 tracks passed through the Stripe 76 compressor and the R2R.
- Vocal: Alexb PCS, Dynamic Spectrum Mapper, Alexb Black Master EQ, R2R

All busses had Alexb CLC suggested BUSS programs.

ITB mastering, each song was processed in parallel with 2 chains:
- 1st: Mammoth EQ, R2R, Slate Digital FG-X, VCult, Behemoth
- 2nd (sidechained with 1st): Mammoth EQ, VM-Comp
Last in chain: Voxengo MSED, Fabfilter Pro-L (max 2db of gain)

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