"Small Crimes" - Failure cover (spacey rock)

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"Small Crimes" - Failure cover (spacey rock)

Post by woeischris » Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:12 am

Here: http://subvertallmedia.bandcamp.com/tra ... lure-cover

Notes from the site:
This was a quick project to keep me focused for a few nights. I didn't have all of my equipment handy so had to improvise a bit.

Guitar - Ibanez RG into JCM 900 into Mesa 2x12 into Royer 121 in A*I 312
Bass - Some kinda Dean into a Tech21 Sans Amp RBI into A*I 312 that was then clipped to HELL
Drums - Programmed using Superior Drummer then replaced using samples in Trigger
Vocals - First two verses are SM7 into a modded GAP Pre 73, the rest was SM7 into A*I 312

There is a thick layer of reverb on everything, room effects, lots of tape saturation and compression, and all kinds of other tricks to get it sounding the way it does. I also set the BPM to match the original and didn't change anything which begs the question, "why listen to this when you could listen to the superior original?"

What those notes don't include is that this is 99% Nebula. I use CDSM's JTM-M2 and Slate Trigger. I think it's a cool sounding track.

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Re: "Small Crimes" - Failure cover (spacey rock)

Post by DavidMeShow » Wed May 25, 2011 12:51 am

Cool man! I know this song a lot and this is a really great cover! Nice work! I love Failure!

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