Maddi Jane - 70% Nebula, 30% Outboard

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Tim Petherick
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Re: Maddi Jane - 70% Nebula, 30% Outboard

Post by Tim Petherick » Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:01 pm

Sounds Great!!

Its funny because when ever i've used regular plugins,
I've allways ended up taking them off because they are so destructive, They often just make things worse .

Its the preamps and consoles on Nebula that are really great for me . To me thats the key to a better sounding mix , it takes alot less effort to make things sit and sound right .Without the consoles its like everthing is fighting to be at the front of the mix taking up every bit of space and harsher.
The eq's, tapes,comps and reverbs are better too!! :D

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Re: Maddi Jane - 70% Nebula, 30% Outboard

Post by maniak » Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:09 am

Thanks for the detailed information, I appreciate. ;)
I'm trying right now the parallel compression... The S2N 1968 BIG sound very good. :D

About the De-esser. The same happen to me, I was in search of a de-esser, and I think I found it. All who are using Reaper I recommend Liteon/De-esser. For me this plug-in is very clean.

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