Workshop Ebony - Sunday 2nd July

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Workshop Ebony - Sunday 2nd July

Post by giancarlo » Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:43 pm

We'll post here all updates about a "possible" workshop we are sorting in Milano.

Planned date is SUNDAY 2nd July, Milano (we'll tell you the exact address asap), 16:00 o'clock
We'll have also live connections from facebook and from our instagram pages (giancarloacustica, acusticaudio)

Here few tips about it:
- the product will be launched on 3rd July, and it is to our actual knowledge THE BEST PRODUCT we'll release on this year
- the product will be FOR FREE for all our visitors. We'll have discounts for other products
- we don't have any clue about the number of possible visitors... few weeks ago we had a quick clinic in a music shop the there were 60 guys attending. Anyway it is sunday, it is july. We'll need to know if you want to attend or not so we can sort things in a proper way
- I think we'll have also some food. Dunno details
- We'll have THE ORIGINAL CONSOLE FOR COMPARING from EDAC STUDIO, they are the console owners. They were so nice to offer their time for bringing that very rare and awesome console to the meeting. Reverb comes from a different studio, S3 recording studio. There are also other consoles involved, but the EDAC one is the most relevant for the plugin. We are speaking about ultrarare equipment, you'll not have easily available for comparing or even listening
- Obviously the event will be cancelled if we realize there is no interest on reaching us ;)
- we'll have proper monitors/speakers

- during the workshop (they are just 2 hours) I'll try to speak about several tech things, I'll post details asap. It coul be I'll speak a bit about sample rate conversion, dynamic eq and reverb stuff; that's useful for using our plugins in the best way!

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