Acustica Audio at the AES UK 'Up Your Output!' March 2016

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Acustica Audio at the AES UK 'Up Your Output!' March 2016

Post by Sheikyearbouti » Sun Apr 03, 2016 5:36 pm

Hi all, GC asked me to post about this event here and I think that it is worth spreading the word as it really was a great one.

Acustica's involvement was as an official sponsor (and this has been the case for 3 consecutive years now). The idea of the event is that it was created for AES student members and for such it is completely free (student membership is only $39 per year, which actually gives students benefits worth a lot more - like a lot!).

I actually created this event and organised the first two London editions, starting in 2013, and than I was strongly involved in the organisation of the 3rd 2015 edition. At this 4th event in 2016 I was involved as a lecturer mostly.

The workshop I delivered was on some very brave and unusual drum recording and mixing techniques. So lots of crazy mic choices and placement, and lots of mad MS/multiband processing, which allows me to do the whole kit sound with 1, 2, 3 very good mics. I also looked at some mixes done with more mics.

The gear used for this workshop was an S*L XL desk with some S*L outboard dynamics and, of course, lots of Acustica Audio plug-ins. To be fair, I should say that I used also some iZotope plug-ins (mainly Ozone multiband compressor, with the comps off, and the bands on solo, so I was using the x-over of it only to split my audio and send it to the Acutica plug-ins and the S*L hardware). I also used some iZotope stuff to multiband gate stuff with side-chaining.

We also had a mix competition, for which students had to do a rough mix on the S*L console in 5min of a multitrack material that they have never heard before. Acustica also provided plug-in prizes for the winners of that competition.

I should also say that (without me being in the jury!!!), two of my students won 2nd and 3rd prize :)

And here is the proper report about the event, which gives a much better overview...

Nikolay Georgiev

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Re: Acustica Audio at the AES UK 'Up Your Output!' March 201

Post by giancarlo » Sun Apr 03, 2016 6:06 pm

very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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