Whats up with protools?

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Whats up with protools?

Post by mertayy » Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:47 pm

I'm diggings forums but still not sure whats going on, so simply Protools can work just like logic, Cubase etc. with no limitations? :geek:

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Re: Whats up with protools?

Post by Mimi » Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:17 pm

nebula,installed waves mercury,nebula gave error.
retired waves plugins,nebula worked very well, run dsp buffer 128 buffer Eq / 3980 buffer the Reverbs,ran well,delayed reverb,To save processing use buffer protools in 1024.
programmed midi in protools,I mixed,below the virtual instrument,the channel of the instrument put nebula,gave error ,channel of the instrument went mute.
my channel virtual instrument,open an auxiliary channel,turned into audio.
worked only with audio in protools,Everything ran beautifully.
detail,as protools is a different program,need change in buffer nebula also.
protools in 1024 buffer,nebula ,should be placed in 128 .
And never put a virtual instrument,with nebula effect.
mix audio with nebula,never MIDI instrument.
It will give error, with MIDI.
I ran with Core2Duo 3.0 MHz and 4 gigs of ram, 36 nebulas.
no alarms.
Bug only happens:
waves plugins installed.
the channel, virtual instrument, with nebula.
looks great:
mixing audio only.
I hope this information,be useful to you.
because at the same time that finalizing of customer projects,I tested in practice these issues.
And everything went right.
now just find out why the bug with waves plugins,I hate them and do not I make the slightest question using them.
but for me who does ... A lament.
And depending the damage of wavesplugins, you should format the machine, and not install wavesplugins never
and for those who wishes to mix with virtual instrument,I prefer audio.
only audio, protools lighter.
A kiss.
Nebula perfect with protools

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