My Comedy Electronic Music Radio Show - Free Download

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My Comedy Electronic Music Radio Show - Free Download

Post by david1103 » Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:52 pm

hello fellow nebula people, total off topic, but if any of you like electronic music and a laugth then please feel free to download my radio show!

it goes out on a small community radio station. it is only known there at the moment, and to my friends who i email it.

here is the email i just sent out with all the (direct download) links. hope someone gets some fun out of this. i do a lot of silly voices! it is presented by me and my PC gigabot... you will soon get the format :) Gigabot loves nebula too.


hello friends,

myself and gigabot have been VERY busy. the new episode you have all been waiting for! a student special, more demented than ever this time :)

let me know what you think, and please share the links to anyone who might enjoy this!

Electrosound Chronicles Radio Show S1E5 4th_Oct_2010 With David_Gigabot & Senior Bonnetti.mp3

and in case you missed the older episodes:

Electrosound Chronicles Radio Show S1E4 Transmitted 11th Jun_2010 With David & Gigabot.mp3

Electrosound Chronicles Radio Show S1E2 Transmitted 17th Feb_2010 With David & Gigabot.mp3

Electrosound Chronicles Radio Show S1E1 Transmitted 3rd Feb_2010 With David & Gigabot.mp3

i am going to make a podcast type thing when i can, and have started the work. here is the listing of all the music used in case you want to get your hands on any of it. don't read it until you heard the show, or it will spoil the surprises!

episode 5 - student special

mind in a box - stalkers crossroads (2007)
the alan parsons project - don't let it show i robot (1977)
tata vega - get it up for love
aphex twin - beetles in my carpet girl boy Ep
?breakwater - release the beast
amanda lear - follow me sweet revenge (1978)
aphex twin - pac man
skinny boys - ?is he insane?
giorgio moroder - in my wildest dreams e=mc2 (1979)

episode 4

jesus christ superstar - in the temple original soundtrack
patrick cowley - invasion
john carpenter - halloween main theme halloween sound track (1978)
richard cheese - brass monkey aperitif for destruction (2005)
joël fajerman - flowers love l'aventure des plantes (1979)
eduard artemiev - herald of good ode to the herald of good
Underground resistance - final frontier UR 003 - the final frontier EP
space - my love is music just blue (1979)
white noise - white noise

episode 3

the shamen - move any mountain En-Tact (1990)
cheap trick - mighty wings topgun soundtrack
the art bears - the song of investment capital overseas The World As It Is Today (1980)
olivia newton john - hopelessly devoted to you
santagold - anne santagold (2008)
giorgio moroder - i want to rock you e=mc2 (1979)
giorgio moroder - lady lady flashdance soundtrack (1983)
freudstein - robots mass market misery (2006)
alex jones - himself
richard cheese - american idiot
polygon window - sepremity 1 surfing on sine waves
the goblin - lavia della
isao tomita - mars the bringer of war the planets (1976)

episode 2 - public information film investigation

mr tiddles - sasha airdrawn dagger (2002)
robert babicz - sin a cheerful temper
astral natigator - alpha wave movement cosmology (2003)
advisory circle - and the cukoo comes
dmx krew - night ryder night ryder 12" (1998)
mandroid - clockwerk mannequin bboy no comply (2004)
the advisory circle - mind how you go mind how you go (2006)
kraftwerk - computer love
Les Cités d'Or - cities of gold soundtrack
david deangelo - himself
Royksopp - alpha male

episode 1

joe meek - i hear a new world calling i hear a new world
kraftwerk - the man machine the man machine (1978)
lustmord & robert rich - elemental trigger stalker (1995)
mort garson - concerto for philodendron plantasia (1976)
dee d. jackson - automatic lover cosmic curves (1978)
chilly - dance with me
raymond scott - manhatten research
AC - technology is gay
vangelis - albedo 0.39 albedo 0.39 (1975)
automat - the rise automat (1978)

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