N4 vs Aqua - Time to move on?

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N4 vs Aqua - Time to move on?

Post by darren » Mon May 25, 2020 3:05 pm


Long time Nebula user here so I have a ton of libraries for it. In the last five or so years I have been working for a company that appreciates the qualities of the Aquas and so we have purchased nearly all of them over that time.

Recently I remembered Nebula and dug out my backups of the libraries and the memories came flooding back. Signal To Noise, Alex B, CDSoundmaster, Tim P .. Gemini .. etc etc. All have had lots of use since I first discovered Nebula (loooong time ago now it seems).

My question is, I suppose, given the amazing quality of the Aquas and their relative ease-of-use, do you think N4 is still valid? Is it still worth the hassle (it's always been pretty quirky with various workarounds and tweaks) - and I feel that Aqua has addressed those things and made life way simpler.

How do you all feel about N4 vs Aqua in these 2020's times?

Cheers to you all!

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Re: N4 vs Aqua - Time to move on?

Post by wavemantra » Tue May 26, 2020 10:35 pm

I do not know. I just purchased N4 on sale at 80%+ discount. BIG THANKS TO ACUSTICA FOR THAT DEAL!

From what I gather when I dare to go to the SlutZone, it seems like many long time AA/N4 users say that N4 and third party libraries STILL sound better than Acqua.
I will soon find out. I don't mind steep learning curves or setup times to use the best products. I do like the vast array of offerings from the third party providers.

It may be a while before I purchase an Acqua package again.

Are you selling N4 or any libraries? Looking...



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