New customer, some observations

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New customer, some observations

Post by biasrocks » Mon Jan 06, 2020 6:51 pm


I'm a producer in Ontario, Canada who's been working in audio production for the past 28 years. From analog outboard and tape machines to the latest digital I've done them all.

I'm loving these plugins, I've purchased five in the last week - can't seem to get enough.

They sound fantastic, but I have a few niggles that I'd like to address here.

First of all the naming of the products drives me looney. I had a bit of a learning curve figuring out what I'd like to try out because there seems to be some shyness about what it is these products are about. If it's a Studer or an E-M-I comp or an RCA BA6A or an S-S-L, I just wish you'd call them what hell they are, cutesy names seems to me to diminish the quality of what's on offer.

Secondly, labeling presets and controls need to be more precise. If it's a damn Studer at 15ips with Ampex 456 say so. Needless confusion is unwarranted and again diminishes what's on offer. No need to hide behind confusing and often frustrating names.

The positives are many and that is ultimately why I became a customer.

I believe in the tech and the tools you've created.

No more hiding, please.

PS. An ATR102 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch would be an awesome addition to the Tape collection.


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