Aqua test report in (German) S&R – but read on everybody!

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Aqua test report in (German) S&R – but read on everybody!

Post by Andymusikus » Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:07 am

This is just a short but encouraging info for the non-German AA users and distributors/dealers..

I had contacted the German Sound & Recording magazine in last year’s summer (just by phone) to ask the chief editor for a test of Acustica Audio’s plugins. That was mainly to support AA and give them more presence in the German mixing world (my name as a distributor was not mentioned in the test).

It took some communication with them and Enrique generously sent 4 free licenses to them – for White2, P1, Ultramarine3 and Acquamarine3. The responsible editor, Axel Latta, tested all of them and wrote an article that was published in the December issue.

Of course he mentions problematic areas like complicated licensing and CPU load but the most exciting point for me was that he tried to stay very objective and emotion-free (which is very good) but that could not stop him from statements like “All of the here covered plugins – being it on the stereo sum or one, two sub-groups – result in a better sound and a never-heard-before magic. And that in a twinkle of an eye“ or “Without question the sound is fantastic” (grandios). There is more, but that's it for now..

Since the German readers could enjoy this very professional and objective test, I want to encourage everybody to contact those kind of “serious” pro people in your country, if you have not done already.
Cheers, Andy
Andreas Proske
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