Prime Studio Caribou Bundle / N**e 8016

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Re: Prime Studio Caribou Bundle / N**e 8016

Post by babiuk » Sun May 08, 2016 7:56 pm

I am into testing the prime studio plugins, free trial ones.

I have compared caribou comp vs alexb 54 (trial one too) at close settings, and for me they are night and day. I am not an expert neither have put my hands on the real gear but I can see they are so different. The low or fat tone of alex's one is not present on caribou, and (from I have always read about ..54) it is an iconic feature of that comp. Indeed I find it makes the sound much tight and cohesive than other comps.

Maybe the units sampled are very differents and they sound in a different way, but it is strange for me that they could be so different on this because all the reviews and literature about the 2254 always put special interest on that low or fat tone. Or maybe it is that Prime guys choose to minimize that part of the gear.

Of course the GUI is amazing but I think the price is too high. If it was the only 2254 on the market ok but we have alexb (with the "legend" fat tone and so great compress behaviour, FMHO) around. I tried Lindell one but I find it is on another lower level, and same for V comp from waves.

I still have not tried the Prime TG console plugins, I am sure they will be high quality and far away from waves ones, but I would like to know what do you think about compared to Softube(Abbey road plugins era) comp and limiter. Indeed they made one of the greatest plugins I tried, the RS124 comp which they stopped to support and it died at 32bits. This plugin gives the closet early beatles comp sound, when the fairchild was not used. I hope it comes to life again, I never found a comp plugin like that, at least if you enjoy that early beatles comp sound.

By the way, the TG is of course at the Olympus of consoles but is a little exhausting every company developing plugins related to TG is always using Beatles tag for selling it, as if it was the "sound" of the beatles. TG console was not the Beatles console, it was just used at the very end of the Beatles career, just in the Abbey Road album. This album sound is amazing like every beatles work but it is apart from the rest, it is much cleaner, and it is not representative of the beatles sound.
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Re: Prime Studio Caribou Bundle / N**e 8016

Post by RJHollins » Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:34 am

Tonite, I pulled in Caribou MIX on a mastering session [live recording].

Might be only talking a 'touch' of gain on the hi-end, a bit on the MIDS, and a bump on the Low end, using the Output PreAmp.

Just a great sound. :mrgreen:
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