Multiple plugins in one plugin ?

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Re: Multiple plugins in one plugin ?

Post by RJHollins » Wed Sep 12, 2012 2:27 am

test it before with the demo version !!!

it works great with all my algoplugs and allows for nice processing experiments and templates of your needs.
BUT there was one bug with nebula in the past, which the developer was not able to find. it prevented nebula from detecting the right samplerate, when you open a saved instance. workaround is to open every instance inside metaplugin after loading it and reload the program. that is a showstopper, when working with many nebulainstances inside metaplugin. saved presets of metaplugin load with the default samplerate of 44.1 khz.
i don't know, if the actual version is working better in that respect.

The samplerate issue with NEBULA had been fixed in the 2nd to last update! :)

I just received an email for the latest update, which I've installed, but not yet tested ... hopefully still working correctly.

There was another issue, that I HOPE is fixed, whereby, double clicking on the NEBULA moduale would cause a huge rambling of interfaces to open :| If I right clicked to open, there were no problems. Going to test to see if this is fixed.


Nope ... same issue still there :(
Going to notify the dev.

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Re: Multiple plugins in one plugin ?

Post by mathias » Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:36 am

thanks for the info on the samplerate issue!


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