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Re: East West Spaces

Post by davidgary73 » Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:06 pm

giancarlo wrote:that product is plain convolution, nothing more. I don't know about quality of their irs. Nebula is pretty good for dance reverbs, I suggest to COMBINE reverbs for a dance long tailed reverb: duplicate your track and apply on the second one a completely wet reverb (no dry), for example 300 spartans. Than reverb that track opening an insert new instance of nebula, full wet, for example a pcm 70 with 4 seconds of reverb. You'll have a 8 seconds beautiful and dense tail, very good for trance. Using vnxt in a further insert you get something even more solid and long, very alive
Awesome. Thanks gian for the guidance. Will sure try it out.

Just bought EMT140. Awesome reverb.
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