Rupert N**e Portico EQ Plugin

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Re: Rupert N**e Portico EQ Plugin

Post by vicnestE » Sat Jul 16, 2011 8:06 pm

Software EQs tend to be implemented in a neat way, means: "3dB 100Hz boost is really 3dB 100Hz from VSTAnalyzer"

While the hardware(and the sampled nebula programs) might have a bit "flaw": "3dB 100Hz boost might raise 2.9dB at 100Hz only"

And different hardware units have different sound (which is normal and cool). So this might lead to the differences in the audio samples.

Thanks for the audio files :)
I'm glad I have more Nebula EQs than just MWeQ at the same high quality.

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Re: Rupert N**e Portico EQ Plugin

Post by yr » Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:11 pm

Thanks for posting the samples. I have similar (subjective) impressions- Nebula sounds better then the RND plug, which seems to lack depth. I was actually expecting Nebula to sound closer to the hardware. I find the MWQ sounds darker and less focused then the hardware (at least the one used for the comparison). There also seems to be some loss of fine details and articulation (which applies to most Nebula presets I feel). Considering the price difference (hardware/RND/MWQ) a huge achievement for Nebula and AlexB.
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