dropouts/pops with ssd disk

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dropouts/pops with ssd disk

Post by Vernon » Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:56 pm


I'm trying to set up my new ssd disk (OCZ Agility 3 - SATA III - 120GB) in my audio production pc.
At a glance, I've installed 2 identical operating systems (Win 7 64bit):
- one on a normal 7200rpm SATA II disk
- one on the ssd

I'm working on a mix with over 100 tracks and a tons of plugs (not only Nebula) and the I7 950 does worthily his job.
I'm running on 30/40% of cpu load, I'm using Reaper x64 and a MOTU 828 MKIII with the latest drivers.

Ok, the problem is that the project plays well on the "normal" disk but plays with dropouts/pops on the ssd system.
I've tried to:
- change the ASIO buffer size
- move the audio material from the ssd to the normal disk and vice versa
- change the Reaper advanced I/O options on disk reads

Nothing seems to work......

Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance,


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