This EQ is phenomenal

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Re: This EQ is phenomenal

Post by Ermz » Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:05 am

Small world, botus! You're very welcome. Thanks a heap for the XML advice. I'll have to tweak around a little.

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Re: This EQ is phenomenal

Post by botus99 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:07 pm

Ermz wrote:Small world, botus! You're very welcome. Thanks a heap for the XML advice. I'll have to tweak around a little.
No problem, hope it helps! Small world indeed haha
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Re: This EQ is phenomenal

Post by Pro5 » Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:19 am

Ermz wrote:Should mention that the only drawback to this EQ is that it seems very slow to respond to movements on the controls. It often seems to take around a second or so for any adjustment to actually be reflected by the sound coming out of the monitors.

I'd have put this down to some soft/hardware anomaly, however I recently tried both the 32-bit instance on Cubase 6, running on my old computer, and also the 64-bit instance running on a brand new computer, with a new version of Cubase 8 too.

Using this plug-in makes it feel like the buffer size is set way higher than it actually is.
FYI I get this in Honey too, but curiously not in an older demo version (I updated it via support due to crackles on knob turning when my cpu was over 50% it fixed THAT but introduced that laggy sound update you speak of).

The problem is with this it's not SO usable as a C-strip or realtime EQ anyway, because you overshoot the freq/gain you really need because you are hearing it delayed by 1/2 to 1 second! I've lowered DSP buffers as usual but it still does it, if I go any lower (256... 128?) I'd be lucky to run more than 2 instances :lol:

When the acqua controls respond smoothly to my midi knob pots (real pots not stepped encoders) they sound/feel great, like hardware! when they don't they feel like just a 'fancy nebula instance' (which, ok they are) but if that can't be relied on then why not just use nebula and much cheaper libs if workflow and latency and that scientific 'set the bands' approach is needed compared to the musical workflow the acqua eqs are meant to bring.

I admit I'm only on an i7 2700k (albeit overclocked to 4.4ghz).. and I will upgrade in the near future.

I run at 88.2k with 1024-2048 audio buffer (not xml/dsp thing) on my MR816 interface while using Acqua plugs (anything lower like my normal 320-512 is too little for my system with a few acquas). My audio buffer may be contributing to this laggy problem of course, and maybe even my samplerate as it seems most testing is focused on 44.1 and 96k! [ 88.2khz is the new black btw - a nice all rounder SR and closer to the ideal 60k ]

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