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We need your help! Audio for tutorials and show-off needed.

Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:37 pm
by AcusticaPress
Acustica Audio needs your help - Audio for tutorials and show-off samples needed. Prizes and publicity offered in return!

As part of populating our new website with samples for all plug-ins and creating video tutorials and overviews, and in the future some educational videos, we are on a hunt for good quality royalties free audio. What we need is already edited multitrack projects, stems or even finished but not mastered mixes from all genres. Yes, all genres!

Just think of the kind of show-off samples and tutorials you would want to see from us and the audio needed to create these - this is what we need!

The samples do NOT have to be of entire songs. Just a section, a verse, chorus or a bridge will do it! Though slightly longer samples will be appreciated.

A few VERY important requirements:

• You must be the copyright owner of the material and be happy to grant us with permission to use your samples for demonstration and educational purposes
• The audio must be of a decent quality. That is WAV or other lossless format and at least of 44kHz 16bit resolution (96kHz 24bit is preferable)
• The samples can be both of acoustic or electronic music, as long as the performance is good (no tuning or timing issues, etc.).

What do we offer in return?
A selection of winners whose audio is chosen will receive our upcoming secret new plug-in release for free! (and, no, I cannot say more about it unless I would want to take the risk of dealing with the Italian mafia from Lodi :lol: ). In addition, we will also list your name and that of anyone performing under our YouTube videos and at other places where these samples have been used.

For anyone who wants to participate in this, please send me (Nik Georgiev) an e-mail at: [email protected]

I will reply to everyone! However, if the samples on offer are not what we are looking for, we cannot guarantee that we will be using these, nor we can guarantee a prize. And if that's the case, we apologise in advance for saying 'no'. Sometimes also good music or sounds may not be suitable for us and we also have no idea how many offers we'll receive...

Thanks for reading, and thanks for considering! At Acustica Audio we are very proud of the massive support from our community which we receive on forums and in many other ways!


p.s. To all beta testers and dealers - I will be sending you an e-mail about this. But in case you first see this post, please get in touch. Any help is always much appreciated!

Re: We need your help! Audio for tutorials and show-off need

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 5:18 pm
by AcusticaPress
Hi all,

I want to say thanks to everyone who already offered help and provided us with audio materials. Namely:

Andreas Witez of AJ Guitar for the excellent and diverse multitracks and stems
Roberto Riccò for his kick-ass guitar compositions and solos
William Rigout for the engaging soundscapes and epic composition
Adrian Ursu for the great live band mix and the many songs you sent
Randall Prentice for his original compositions and guitar playing
Robert DeMaa for the super-pro stems and multitrack of his own band (oh well, it does make a difference when one's a skilled engineer and records on a N**e 8068 to tape, and also has a great playing band!)

And if anyone else is interested to provide us with some audio, please get in touch!

I may be a little slower in replying due to official holidays, but I will.

Thanks again,