B2B invoices

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B2B invoices

Post by giancarlo » Wed Dec 07, 2016 11:19 am

How to make B2B EU no VAT (reverse charge) purchases in Acustica Audio web-shop

1. Open a sales ticket from your dashboard with complete list of products you want to buy and your complete company information including your VAT number. Please ensure your VAT number is valid in VIES.
2. We will send you a discount coupon with your country VAT value.
3. Buy in our web-shop and apply your VAT discount coupon in check-out.
4. Immediately after purchase, update your sales ticket with your order id and we will make your B2B (VAT 0), reverse charge, invoice of your purchase.

- Do not buy before receiving VAT discount, our web-shop is B2C and we will not able to refund you your country VAT value.
- If you have also an additional discount coupon, paste the code in sales ticket in order we can merge it with your VAT discount.
- Do no send us emails requesting invoices or VAT discounts, we can not track or follow emails, use our ticket system always.