Giancarlo and emails/messages to him

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Giancarlo and emails/messages to him

Post by giancarlo » Sun Apr 01, 2018 11:52 pm

These days I'm working on tight schedule on a strategic product. I can't reply to emails, sorry.
Some on you have my personal contact from nebula early days, or my Facebook messenger contact

- I muted completely my Facebook messenger
- I'm muting even WhatsApp
- I don't answer on Instagram messenger for the exception of likes
- I'm stopping replying to emails: there are still too many. I added rules for filtering all emails there, so basically they go to spam folders now

I encourage to follow official channels: tickets, messages on official acustica page, our board. Now there are many people replying, and they know better than me the state of bugs, releases and so on. Nik joined us several months ago and he is replying in a very good English language, speak with him in the case.
As you can see, also my posts on forums are lesser and lesser, since I'm completely involved in this new difficult activity!
I'll advise as soon as I have enough time again for replying to personal messages again. Around the end of April you'll know a bit more about these new developments.
Thank you also for all the love, appreciated.

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Re: Giancarlo and emails/messages to him

Post by kenbobplus3db » Tue Apr 03, 2018 7:06 pm

M? Oooooh! Exciting!

Please work very hard!

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