The NAT tip of the month (#17 - January 2012)

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The NAT tip of the month (#17 - January 2012)

Post by enriquesilveti » Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:34 pm

Using NAT patch feature

In NAT version 1.3.504 new patch feature was added. Load NAT and go to Editor > List. Patch button was added. This new feature can be used to apply new feature in old emulation programs.

1. Make manually a backup of the .N2P and .N2V files.
2. Rename the original N2P file using SAVE AS feature.
3. Drag & Drop .N2P files in NAT.
4. Click on Patch and select proper patch .XML file.

We already supply two patch: GDRIVE patch for preamp and Internal side chain for compressors.

Remember: NAT is a x86 application for PC/Windows. If you are using Nebula x64 you should install x86 version for run NAT. There is not MAC OSX NAT version available.

IMPORTANT: Nat patch feature was intended for 3rd library developers, we will not give official support about this feature to customers, if you find an issues with this feature with a 3rd library, please contact directly to the 3rd developer to support you.
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