The NAT tip of the month (#12 - August 2011)

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The NAT tip of the month (#12 - August 2011)

Post by enriquesilveti » Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:35 pm

How commercial libraries are done

3rd party developers use a special edition of NAT called NAT platinum. NAT platinum has an extra features compared with NAT3. 3rd party developers also have a custom collection of NAT sessions linked to templates.

NAT platinum sessions and templates are created by hand by Acustica Audio under under 3rd party developers the requirements depends on the type of equipment to sample.

Sampling and deconvolving session can take several hours, especially if the DUT (device under test) has various parameters and potentiometers or bad noise floor.

All audio data is create in 64 bits float and arrange in several folder with a .XML root file. At this point 3rd party developers can delete sampling step if they believe that they are too much or just cut cut down for make a demo release.

3rd party developers may not configure internal Nebula setting from every emulation preset or library. Nebula parameters are already set in the NAT template.

In the last part of the creation process, 3rd party developers crypt the emulation presets and add a custom authorization system. Crypt process is done in NAT platinum too and folder plus .XML files are converted into N2P and N2V files.

Before release 3rd party developers categorize emulation presets and compress, add user manual and other extra information useful for the customers.
NAT Platinum Session And Templates
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