The NAT tip of the month (#7 - March 2011)

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The NAT tip of the month (#7 - March 2011)

Post by enriquesilveti » Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:10 pm

Sampling an AD-DA, DA-AD Loop research

In this topic you will find an attachment with 3 folders.
1. ADALoopNATSession folder: here you will find a "ready to use" NAT session for test your AD-DA loop. Please don't forget change file name from DA-AD-Loop to DA-AD-LOOP-YourAudioInterface (example: DA-AD-LOOP-RMEFF800). The methodology to sample a preamp or a reverb (dynamic models) is similar using the correct NAT session so take the ADALoopNATSession as a preview test before full your HDD of samples.
2. ADALoops folder: here you will find some DA-AD-Loops done by others NAT users.
3. Test tones folder: Here you will find four audio files. IMD_32-44_ST.wav is a SMPTE inter modulation distortion test. Pink_noise_32-44.wav is pink noise. Sine_1.20_kHz_32-44.wav and
Sine_1_kHz_32-44.wav are pure sine files that you can sum before send to Nebula to create a more complex file to study harmony distortion and the non lineal behaviour.
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