The Nebula tip of the month (#11 - February 2011)

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The Nebula tip of the month (#11 - February 2011)

Post by enriquesilveti » Tue Feb 01, 2011 2:15 pm

How to make updates manually

Nebula platform is a flexible and open environment but could be quite complex due the multiple linked files and folders required for the proper work. The setup installer create two main folders and copy some core files or frameworks into your OS system folder.

The information provided in this tutorial may be used only by experienced users, is especially useful when we need to make a safe update but we want to keep old file if required for open an old project.

When you load Nebula, the Nebula .DLL/.VST file load .XML master page file hosted in the same folder than the .DDL/.VST file(s), .XML master page route Nebula to plug-in support installation folder in order to load INIT files (personal key), Skin, Vector/Program, Temp and Setups files that are into theirs respective sub-folders.

When you perform an version upgrade only Acustica/Acustica64 folder files are changed so you can specify an other or fake folder. Then we should rename .DLL files (Nebula3.dll and Nebula3 Reverb.dll) from .DLL or .VST to OLD in other to keep a safe backup and copy/paste the new updated ones .DLL/.VST files from the fake folder to Acustica/Acustica64 folder(s).

NOTE: This task can not be done in OSX due OSX installer user fixed path. Please contact us thru a ticket in your Dashboard for more information.

IMPORTANT: Some user try Nebula3 FREE before buy Nebula Commercial and they perform the setup installation without select a different plug-in support installation folder so Nebula3 FREE and Nebula commercial (Nebula3, Pro or Server) will try to load the same core files and that will make Nebula to crash your sequencer. The best way to solve this, is to uninstall both ones and reinstall Nebula3 Free and Nebula commercial (Nebula3, Pro or Server) from the setup using different plug-in support installation folder.

If you plan to move yours Nebula libraries to other folder/partition or HDD/SDD, you can do it with cut/paste in explorer/finder but you may add an ALTERNATIVEDATAPATH into .XML master page file in other to Nebula can scan and load the emulation prests from the alternative data path.

Files and folders installed by a setup only:
In Windows OS system folder:

In OSX OS system folder:

In Acustica/Acustica64 folder in Windows:
/Nebula3 Reverb.dll
/Nebula3 Reverb.xml

In Acustica/Acustica64 folder in OSX:
/Nebula3 Reverb.vst
/Nebula3 Reverb.xml

Folders in plug-in support installation folder in Windows and OSX:
/Nat sessions

In registry in Windows:
"INSTALDIR"="C:\\Archivos de programa\\VSTPlugins"
"SUPPDIR"="C:\\Archivos de programa\\NebulaTempRepository"

"DisplayName"="AcusticaAudio Nebula3"
"UninstallString"="C:\\Archivos de programa\\Nebula3PROTempRepository\\uninstall.exe"