The Nebula tip of the month (#10 - January 2011)

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The Nebula tip of the month (#10 - January 2011)

Post by enriquesilveti » Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:05 pm


NRGUIPRO is a batch process software for Nebula. First version was called Nebula Renderer; Developed by Giancarlo Del Sordo for personal use and release for free for everyone. Acustica Audio and Zabukowski, a Nebula user, reached an agreement for maintain this software and add new features.
Zabukowski from zabukowski software has done a great job, first he add a graphic front end for Nebula Renderer, called NRGUI and then add Acqua library (Acqua Engine) and release PRO version that have some extra features.

On boot Nebula scan programs folders for new libraries assigning a number per each emulation preset, but this number is not fixed and may change if you add a new library. This not a problem for NRGUI/NRGUI PRO if you build a custom Nebula chain NRGUI/NRGUI PRO will rebuild it in automatic way.

On basic tab you can setup some basic chain parameters while through NRGUI > Settings you can setup NRGUI/NRGUI PRO programs options and working folders. A two powerful feature were developed here, you can assign a pre level for each emulation preset for the chain and you can select if you want to replace or add a suffix for your "nebulized" files.

On program and chains tab you can manage your emulations presets and chains, there is a two searching filters: name filter and description filter both can be used for programs and chains search.

Another great feature from this software is the preview function. This option is only available into NRGUI PRO and you may have installed an ASIO driver for use it.

Zabukowski software will keep up NRGUI and NRGUI PRO development. In last update, version 1.60c, he add 24 bits WAV/PCM format support for output files and online version update check.

For more information browse this URL: ... =viewtopic
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