The Nebula tip of the month (#62 - August 2015)

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The Nebula tip of the month (#62 - August 2015)

Post by Support » Wed Aug 05, 2015 7:20 pm

How to add side chain knob in Nebula
Tip applicable to:
Product(s): Nebula3, Nebula3 Pro, Nebula3 Server.
OS(s): Windows, OSX.
Plug-in format(s): VST, AU.
Plug-in architecture(s): 32 bits, 64 bits.

- Load a compressor emulation preset (1)
- Go EDIT, EVFS page and set highpass, go starting point should be 2000Hz.
- In same page, set the Highpass sc. to MIX8 or other free MIX fader/know available.
- Go to GLOB page and set to On the MIX8 slider.
- Go to PRMS page and find an unused slot and set it to VISIB and click EDIT.
- In EDIT page, set "Assign:" to MIX8 and "A:" to MIX8. Label to HPF (for example) and Unit to Hz.
- Under Post Lb. you set MAX and Bar MAX to 2000, or the amount you set the highpass.
- Click on PRMS page.
- Click on EXIT.
- Click on SAVE.

(1) If you are loading an Acqua Effect plug-in compressor as Nebula emulation preset save and save as will not work.