The Nebula tip of the month (#60 - June 2015)

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The Nebula tip of the month (#60 - June 2015)

Post by Support » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:56 am

Measure Nebula CPU load and consumption
Tip applicable to:
Product(s): Nebula3, Nebula3 Pro, Nebula3 Server, Nebula3 FREE.
OS(s): Windows, OSX.
Plug-in format(s): VST, AU.
Plug-in architecture(s): 32 bits, 64 bits.

1. Update your Nebula to lasted version.
2. Increase your audio interface buffer to 1024 samples.
3. Increase your audio host buffer to 1024 samples.
4. Create a new session, do not use any template or old session.
5. Create several tracks depending how much cores use your audio host, for example an Intel i7 4770 has 8 cores but normally audio hosts use 7 cores, so create 7 tracks.
6. Load in each track one instance Nebula.
7. Load in each track a test tone, a pure sine 1 kHz -20 dBFS for example, and you should decrease the mixer fader level due all tracks has 100% coherence.
8. Start to load same emulation preset in Nebula, in each track during playback.
9. Go OS system performance monitor and check each core CPU consumption, should be a smooth distribution of the CPU load. Do not use audio host performance meter.
10. After load same instance in each Nebula, go again track by track and add a second Nebula instance.
11. Again, go track by track loading same instance in each Nebula during playback.
12. Repeat steps 10 and 11.
- When your audio host start loading CPU to 100% your audio host should crash. Save the session constantly before this point.
- Send us a report in a support ticket from your Dashboard.

CPU brand and model:
CPU generation/version*:
OS version:
OS architecture:
Audio interface/host buffer:
Audio interface/host sample rate:
Host name:
Host version:
Host architecture:
Nebula product:
Nebula version:
Nebula plug-in format:
Nebula plug-in architecture:
Nebula DSPBuffer setting:
Emulation preset(s) and library name used:
Total number of Nebula instances/emulation presets loaded:

* We need to know CPU brand and generation. Example : ... processors)