The Nebula tip of the month (#52 - October 2014)

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The Nebula tip of the month (#52 - October 2014)

Post by Support » Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:57 pm

How to downgrade your Nebula version
Tip applicable to:
Product(s): Nebula3 FREE, Nebula3, Nebula3 Pro, Nebula3 Server.
OS(s): Windows, OSX.
Plug-in format(s): VST, AU.
Plug-in architecture(s): 32 bits, 64 bits.

There is two ways to downgrade your Nebula product. First and easy way it is to run again and old version upgrade. Due Windows allow users to place files and application almost anywhere you should double check paths before run the version upgrade.
If you run an installer setup instead of a version upgrade you should reinstall your personal key. You have a personal key backup in your Dashboard.
In OSX it is quite easy and safe due OSX use a fixed path for plug-ins.

The second way to to downgrade your Nebula product, is to do it manually, you should request to support the correct file (version, architecture, format, UI framework, etc), .DLL file in Windows and .VST or Component in OSX. You will receive from support only one file due Nebula (non Reverb) and Nebula Reverb are based on the same file but use a different Master files. Master files are simple to identify looking to the file extension .XML. Remember .XML file and .DLL/.VST/Component should have same names otherwise Nebula will not boot correctly.