The Nebula tip of the month (#46 - April 2014)

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The Nebula tip of the month (#46 - April 2014)

Post by Support » Sun Mar 30, 2014 8:49 pm

Solving issues with Nebula in Audio Units format

Tip applicable to:
Product(s): Nebula3 FREE, Nebula3 Pro, Nebula3 Server.
OS(s): OSX.
Plug-in format(s): AU.
Plug-in architecture (s): 32 bits, 64 bits.

NOTE for 1.3.492, 1.3.505 and 1.3.602 Nebula OSX users.
Due the change introduced in OSX 10.9.x, we make several changes in Nebula Audio Unit. You should complete uninstall and reinstall Nebula and adapt again (if you are using one adapter) if you want to version upgrade to 1.3.608, 1.3.636, 1.3.668, 1.3.679, 1.3.681 or newer.

IMPORTANT: Before uninstall Nebula you should backup your libraries and skins. Go HD/Library/Audio/Presets/AcusticaAudio and backup Vector, Programs and Skin folders.

How uninstall Nebula
. Delete AcusticaAudio folder. Path Mac HD/Library/Audio/Presets/.
. Delete Acustica and Acustica64 folders. Path Mac HD/Library/Audio/Plugins/VST/.
. Delete all Nebula AU components. Path Mac HD/Library/Audio/Plugins.
. Delete Nebula Framework. Path Mac HD/Library/Frameworks.
. Delete Nebula Server App (NebulaServerMacFree or NebulaServer3Mac depending the product installed). Path Mac HD/Application.
. Delete any other duplicated .VST or AU components file related with Nebula. *
. Delete VST and Audio Unit cache files from your sequencer (ask customer support or read user manual)
. Open your sequencer and delete VST and Audio Unit plug-in cache.
. Go OSX Disk Tool and and repair permissions.

* Note for OSX 10.7 to 10.9 users.
Apple has decided to hide several Library folders.
. To access the username/Library folder: Click on the Go menu in Finder while holding down Alt.

NOTE for Logic 9
Run first Logic 9 in 32 bits mode (use open in 32-bit mode). Logic 9 will recognize Nebula AU. Then close Logic 9 and run it again in 64 bits mode (use open in 64-bit mode). Logic 9 has AU architecture adapter build-in that will adapt Nebula AU x86 to AU x64.

NOTE for Logic 10 users
Apple drop Logic AU adapter in Logic 10. You should use a 3rd party adapter or mini host for architecture adapt Nebula AU x86 to AU x64.