The Nebula tip of the month (#42 - November 2012)

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The Nebula tip of the month (#42 - November 2012)

Post by enriquesilveti » Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:22 pm

Using EQs in Nebula

Most of the professional audio equalizers available in digital and analog domain are serial parametric equalizers, one or two bands are connected to an amplifier, the amplifier is the active component that create non lineal distortion, so in order to build the same scheme than in the real world with Nebula instances you should use a 3K or 5K emulation preset version followed by a 1K emulation preset version. For example in other to emulate the S*L 4000G+ equalizer you should use a LF 3/5K emulation preset plus a LMF 1K emulation preset and a HF 3/5K emulation preset plus a HMF 1K emulation preset due S*L 4000G+ equalizers has only 2 amplifiers.
If the emulation preset is not bundle with 1K and 3/5K version you can create 1K version editing the KERN page and save the new emulation preset (N2P) file with a new name, also remember that the new emulation preset will still user the 3/5K vector file (.N2V).
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