Acqua Vectors - incomplete sample rate sets

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Acqua Vectors - incomplete sample rate sets

Post by kenbobplus3db » Mon Nov 12, 2018 6:43 pm

Giancarlo et al have had a very busy summer and fall with tremendous new offerings in Pink2, Magenta4, Viridian, and now TAUPE!! :o :P Thank you all for this fantastic work.

It is with some disappointment that I find that the vector sets for some of their other releases in the past year are still incomplete. Specifically I'm not finding 48Khz and 88Khz vector sets for the following Acquas:
Azure and Azure HQ
Ruby and Ruby HQ (has 48k vectors but not 88k vectors)

Here in Nashville (Music City USA) a lot of the engineers are mixing at 48k which gets them the extended top end they're looking for without loading down their ProTools rigs. I'm running into a bunch of occasions where my favorite Acquas are not available because the mixes are printed at a sample rate that's not yet supported.

I don't mean to nag, but this work is worth completing.

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