All Acustica Plugins Crash Wavelab 9.5/Win10. Help!

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All Acustica Plugins Crash Wavelab 9.5/Win10. Help!

Post by orangeoctane » Sun Jul 22, 2018 9:26 am

I've been using my Acustica plugins in Wavelab 9.0.35 on Windows 7 for quite some time with excellent success. I recently upgraded my PC to Windows 10 Pro and Wavelab to 9.5 and now ANY Acustica plugin I use in my mastering chain causes Wavelab to crash when rendering. I can insert a plugin, tweak it and play the file with no problems. The minute I try to render, it causes a hard crash with no error.

I've done all the same tweaks and configuration for my plugins as I did for the Windows 7 system. I'm going to assume that since I can load up 12 Acustica plugins and play the file in real time with no issues, that it's not a lack of PC resources. The other 80 developers whose plugins I own don't have this issue so I am going to assume that it's also not Microsoft, Steinberg or U*******l A***o (Apollo 16).

I have seen others post about similar issues with Wavelab going back 7 months ago with no response. This is not a good sign.

I've opened a ticket but would appreciate any insight to this issue.

- Dave

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Re: All Acustica Plugins Crash Wavelab 9.5/Win10. Help!

Post by Support » Mon Jul 23, 2018 4:07 pm

Today we replicated this behavoir ONLY in Wavelab Pro 9.53 but we are not able to crash Wavelab Pro 9.10 with exact same VST2 files. We will contact Steinberg to get more detailed information about the internal changes done in Wavelab Pro 9.5x related with VST2 format. We suggest you to keep your Wavelab Pro in version 9.10 while we investigate the reasons of this crash.
Best regards,
Enrique Silveti.
Acustica Audio customer and technical support

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