IMPORTANT - Optimizing NebulaMan's playback/preview

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IMPORTANT - Optimizing NebulaMan's playback/preview

Post by zabukowski » Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:02 am

If you are experiencing distortion, dropouts or other anomalies when previewing audio files with NebulaMan, you are advised to do a following procedure:

1. check your soundcard's latency
2. set NebulaMan's audio buffer size (Settings dock) to the same value as the soundcard's latency. If things are not getting any better (rare cases), try to change soundcard's latency instead of audio buffer size. Again, values should be equal. Restart NebulaMan.

General rules:

- NebulaMan's audio buffer size should be equal or greater than soundcard's latency. Otherwise, problems with playback will most likely occur.
- Recommended buffer size/latency values are from 128-512 samples.
- Lower latency means more CPU is used and vice versa. Playback stability depends on your computer, system specs, soundcard etc.
- Sometimes, extremely high latency values can cause problems as well!

Hopefully, in the future versions, NebulaMan's audio buffer size will be automatically adapted to the recommended value.

Hope it helps!