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New release: NRGUI PRO 1.6 WIN

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:53 pm
by zabukowski
Here we go ;)

NOTE: NRGUI PRO User Guide is not updated, yet !


- fixed bug with "program states" when rebuilding "selected program list"

- fixed iBootStrap exception at startup

- a lot of other minor, small and tiny fixes :)


- redesigned main window interface using tabs. Now program and new chain selector are located on a separate tab called „Programs and chains“. Basic template info is located on a „Basic info“ tab.

- standalone message/log window (new menu option to show/hide it). Position and size are saved.

- main window is now automatically resized, depending on which part of the program is active

- redesigned input fields for selecting files and folders (main window and settings dialog)

- faster program list updates when searching/filtering programs


- default value for "ACQUA config XML" is suggested by NRGUI after Nebula plugin is selected (settings window). This should help avoiding wrong ACQUA config selection, particulary when using program for the first time.

- option (settings window) to enable/disable "pause" command in NR.BAT (rendering DOS window) when using "batch mode"

- a missing programs info is now displayed when rebuilding "selected program list"

- remove all selected items button ('x' button under selected items list)

- SUFFIX dropdown list (up to 8 different values)

You can define your own values by editing NRGUI.INI with Notepad.
Add following lines at the bottom, set values to your taste and save file.



- program chains support (look at the bottom of this document)

- editing program description

This is a simplified version of a feature known from the Nebula Power Tools program. It will help you to change Nebula program descriptions with more descriptive names (for example real hardware device names). Then you will be able to find programs inside your Nebula repository quicker and easier (from my personal experience :) . Just press button, located in the lower right corner of the 'Programs' tab (or use a right-click popup menu on the programs list), change a description and save it with the OK button.


- new ACQUA library (1.3.451)

- new icon

Program chains

Many NRGUI users use the same Nebula program combinations many times (for example tape, console input, console group etc.) inside a lot of different projects/templates. With "Program chains" feature it is possible to save these favorite program combinations as presets (program chains). You can then use/load this presets inside any template. This will help you creating new templates much faster and organize your rendering tasks more efficiently. These chains are stored independent of templates and editing/deleting of existing chains is supported. You can set path where chains are stored in the NRGUI Settings window. If path is not specified, folder „ProgramChains“ inside NRGUI folder will be used (default).

Already mentioned „Programs and chains“ tab has now two functions. Already known program selection functionality and new, program chain selection functionality. Because of that, the lower part of the window is now also 'tabbed' – there are 'Programs' and 'Chains' tabs. Let's concentrate on the later, 'Chains' tab. There you can find all available program chains from „ProgramChains“ folder.

Load chain by doubleclicking it or clicking on '+' button. There is an interesting feature, which allows you to expand an existing chain into a separate programs, instead of just adding a chain reference to the selected items. This behaviour is intended for chain editing purposes, also. As you can see, selected items list can now contain any program/chain combination. Program chains are always shown in blue color.

If you want to save selected items as new program chain, press '….' button (or use a right-click popup menu on the selected items list) and a new dialog will show up. There you can specify name and description for a chain. You can also overwrite existing chains. It is good to know, that all chains inside newly created chain will be automatically converted/expanded to separate programs, because chain nesting is not supported.

If you want to edit existing chain, first press 'x' button, to clear all selected items. Make sure you have saved your template first, if needed. Then load chain and expand it. Now you can edit separate program items. When you are finished, just save selected items as program chain and make sure you'll overwrite loaded chain file with the new contents (use browse button if needed).

You can delete existing chain by pressing '-' button, located in the lower right corner of the 'Chains' tab. This will physically delete a chain file from disk.

Enjoy 8-)

New release: NRGUI PRO 1.6b WIN

Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:51 pm
by zabukowski
A quick update :)

This version allows user to choose whether the final format of rendered WAV files will be 32 bit float (standard behaviour) or 24bit PCM.

Settings window has now a new option (24bit PCM output). If it is checked, files will be converted to 24bit after Nebula Renderer has finished rendering.

Be very careful and backup your original audio files! Conversion includes some temporary files handling (renaming, deleting etc.), conversion program code is new and there may be hidden bug(s).

Please try it, your feedback is welcome!

UPDATE: 1.6a was replaced with 1.6b, because of a harmless, but annoying bug with long path names. Please update your installation.

Enjoy 8-)

New release: NRGUI PRO 1.6c WIN

Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:38 pm
by zabukowski
What's new 1.6b -> 1.6c

NEW: 'Replace files' option (same effect as 'REPLACE' suffix)
NEW: Check for program updates at startup
- it can be disabled with the option on the 'Setting' window
- menu item for manual updates checking

FIX: proper main form scaling/resizing with large fonts (120 dpi)
FIX: suffix 'REPLACE' is now forced when rendering preview
FIX: commas found in some program names are now ignored
FIX: program names sorting is now case-insensitive
FIX: 'echo off' command added to preview batch file
FIX: wrong colors of some screen elements (Windows XP)

Enjoy 8-)

New release: NRGUI PRO 1.6d WIN

Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:37 pm
by zabukowski
What's new 1.6c -> 1.6d

- NEW: 'rendering parameters final review' window (before rendering)
- FIXED: in some cases 'Replace files' option was ignored
- FIXED: when rendering, program states were ignored with referenced program chains
- FIXED: sometimes 'Program Chains folder' setting was overwriten with 'Please specify!' text
- minor bugfixes and cosmetic changes

Upgrade is recommended.

Enjoy 8-)