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NAT SRC Bug Hunting

Post by enriquesilveti » Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:14 pm

Join our public bug hunting in NAT SRC.
Due some customers reported bugs into offline NAT sample rate conversion, we are sharing the right way to test NAT SCR.

A - Creating a spare version
1 .Copy the content of your NebulaTempRepository folder into a new folder, for example into NebulaTempRepositorySRC.
2. Make a copy of Nebula3 Reverb.dll and called Nebula3 Reverb SCR.dll
3. Make a copy of Nebula3 Reverb.xml and called Nebula3 Reverb SCR.xml
4. Open Nebula3 Reverb SCR.xml and edit the DATAPATH tag to link it to the new folder (Nebula3PROTempRepositorySRC).
Edit <DATAPATH> C:\Nebula3PROTempRepository\ </DATAPATH> with
<DATAPATH> C:\Nebula3PROTempRepositorySRC\ </DATAPATH>

* If you have you 3rd party commercial libraries into NebulaTempRepository you should remove in NebulaTempRepositorySRC after copy it.

** If you have AA cross platform commercial library in an alternative data path you should delete this tag (<ALTERNATIVEDATAPATH>) in Nebula3 Reverb SCR.xml and copy N2P and N2V files from AA cross platform commercial library into Vector and Programs folders in NebulaTempRepositorySRC folder

B - Setting SRC in NAT
1. Run NAT > Crypt > Programs
2. Setup
Instance: Nebula3 Reverb SCR.dll
Rate (Hz): 48000 (or 88200, or 96000)
First programs: (select 0001)
Last program: (select last one)
Press OK

C - Testing
1. Load a audio project or session .
2. Run Nebula3 Reverb SCR.dll.

D - Fill the error report ticket
NAT SRC error report
Emulation program name:
Destination SR:
AA Product:
Nebula version:
NAT version:
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