Just finished sampling my Revox A77!

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Re: Just finished sampling my Revox A77!

Post by mathias » Fri Jun 10, 2016 4:22 am

the preamp is really unique.
very nice one, thanks!
system 1: windows 8 32 bit - samplitude prox/x3, tracktion6/7, reaper
system 2: mac osx yosemite - reaper(32+64bit), tracktion6/7(32+64bit)

both systems on: macbook pro (late 2009), core 2 duo 3,06 ghz, 4 gb ram, graphic: nvidia geforce 9600M GT 512 MB

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Re: Just finished sampling my Revox A77!

Post by nickvivid » Mon Jun 13, 2016 3:07 am

Mathias, glad you liked the preamp.

I checked on the kernels situation. I did some preliminary tests with increased kernels when sampling, and in the case of the tape, 2 kernels actually sounds "better".

Why is that?

At 2 kernels, Saturation is more pronounced / effective. I did some tests on 10 and 7 kernels. First, there's some major clipping artifacts when pushed, and also the saturation effect is lost, and the quality not really that much different - maybe lows a *little* tighter. So maybe with something like an old tape machine, the desired effect is more pronounced with lower kernel usage. I'm still learning quite a bit about how NAT works, but from my initial tests, this is my experience.

I'll continue to play around with it and let you know if I make any other observations.

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