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Harmonic distortions worth sampling?

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:42 pm
by JEL
(Pardon me for all the questions)

I have set-up an analog test-chain to learn how to use NAT3pro in Sampler-mode.

When I use the analyzer in NAT and test for harmonic-distortions, it shows that the signal at 1kHz peaks normally and then it shows some harmonic distortions that are all below 100dB (the dB scale out on the left side)

Would I be correct in assuming these harmonic distortions are too low to be worthwhile sampling? (in other words; if this was a pre-amp I was trying to sample, this would be so clean I should use one of the clean session-presets)

If I am correct; is the guide-line then that harmonic-distortions should at least be above, say, 60-70 dB before they're are loud enough to make an impact worth sampling with more than one kernel?

Or in other words; when is a signal considered 'dirty' enough (in terms of the dB level of the harmonic-distortions) that we should better use more than one kernel?