Can someone tell me how to sample Compressor?

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Re: Can someone tell me how to sample Compressor?

Post by joshuagomez » Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:07 pm

voidar wrote:I can't help of you don't respond :).

So far, I can compile compressor programs, but I can't say they sound anything like what I am trying to sample.

I would love if anyone could shime in on how to capture really fast FET-style compressors. They get used all the time around here so I could need some extras :).
I forgot about this love :mrgreen:

Sampling compressor is really hard to me for now.Simple sampling is better. :P Preamps,reverbs,cabinets,mojo...

I'm try to sample bass cabinets now.When i success,i will release.:D

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