Italy, July Developer Workshop

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Italy, July Developer Workshop

Post by giancarlo » Sun Apr 03, 2016 3:49 pm

Ok we are planning a possible meeting here in italy.
Planned period is july, we don't have a date yet
It will be a week splitted in two parts: one dedicated to sampling, one dedicated to nebula4/acqua skins creation and assembling.

I'm posting here and in the developers section, we'll send this message also via email.

Planned location this time *should* be in Viareggio and in a professional recording facility, not in our offices in Lodi like past times, so we can have more space and more tools available for testing purposes.

You could attend one of them or both of them, we'll sort them in the same week so it will be easier.
This session is free (I think it will last time it will be free), you shold pay the hotel and the flight. You could reach the location also via train. We'll tell you more about organization, possible booking (we have also cheap places).
You should be able to reach easily the place by airplane and train, the location is well connected.

We teach how to use nat and use it for sampling. We speak also about latest techniques.

We teach how to create nebula4 skins. Those techniques *could* be used for the creation of acqua plug-ins for the Aquarius Store.

As usually, you will need to sign a non-discosure agreement. Regarding the new techniques you will learn, you will be required to sign a 3rd party developer agreement, basically we'll provide a copy before so you could read it before attending. It will not change all agreements we have with you for the past things (someone is entitled already to create acqua plug-ins or nebula libraries not directly connected with Aquarius store, or selling things from the website, or he hacked nebula in several ways), we are speaking only about new techniques and tools you will learn in this exact event and you don't know or use at the moment. Basically you will access a new sampling tool. You will not be allowed to make photos or videos, and everything is strictly confidential.

We'll tell you more as soon as we'll have new details, immediatly later we'll start to book the event. The place is pretty decent but not big, number of partecipants is limited.